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February 16, 2018  •  5 Comments

As I mentioned before, all my work is done at my in my home based studio..

 I am much more productive at my own environment, and we have had 400 sq ft of available space... 

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Finally, after my husband recovered from the psychological trauma of loosing his "man's cave", we totally remodeled the entire basement: new painted and stained walls, new carpeting, the only thing we agreed to leave alone as a reminder of his bachelor lifestyle is a bar, which we still have full with wine and beer for my clients if needed ;) 

I am a mom, so my day starts with dropping my daughter at school, taking a walk with the new puppy and so on. I am happy that I don't have to drive anywhere. 

Some people, probably, will find it odd to have a studio at home, but realistically, do you need to have a bakery to be an amazing cake decorator???  

Its all about passion, talent and knowledge!

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PS: Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh, the most greatest Dutch painter, did all his painting in a small apartment?

Even though, at the end he shot himself there :(


Olga Polo(non-registered)
What a beautiful space you have! I didn't know about Van Gogh though)
Wow, I am in love with your gorgeous studio!
Omg, I love your your studio. It is so
Beautiful, and all your props are gorgeous.
I love your studio space and adorable props, great post!
Polina Kuklina(non-registered)
Beautiful space! Great selection of props and outfits!
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