Tatiana Kahl Photography | NEWBORN SAFETY IS MY PRIORIETY!


Safety is my #1 priority while handling the baby.

Lately, a lot of parents been requesting "you know that adorable pose where baby is wrapped and sitting on its own?!" also known as a "potato sack pose" in newborn photographers world. Parents looooove to see baby's chubby cheeks to be shown and those little cute fingers sticking out...

The truth is, baby is not sitting on its own, there are always someone to support baby; it is a composition image where I take multiple images and combine them in Photoshop.

DO NOT try to attempt this pose without proper training and assistant and remember SAFETY IS THE FIRST PRIORITY! 

Below, you can see how exactly it has done 



coral springs newborn photography(non-registered)
I like its theme and how they coordinately manage to combined everything. The captured moments were great too.
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