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The Seadust Resort Review

If you are expecting to be fed  black caviar from a silver spoon and enjoy a quietness of resort, I can tell you right away, the Seadust is not a place for you. This resort is a family and budget friendly place, yet for those who wants to have a great family time.

Been a traveler lover, I had experienced different quality hotels, and let me share my experience about the Seadust resort in Mexico Cancun.

 We have been going to the same resort for the past three years with our 6 y.o daughter, back then it was called the Great Parnassus (which I personally prefer that name), later on it became the Seadust resort... Why Mexico? Well, first of all, because we have a direct flight with Delta airline every Saturday: Indianapolis-Cancun, and we never had any problems with that airline; it takes only 3 hours to get out of snowy cold Indiana to a tropical warmth of Mexico, plus we love the location: 15 mins from airport and the ocean view??? it is any photographer's dream view!

The Seadust has at least 7 restaurants included at all inclusive fee, besides the regular buffets and restaurants, some of the places are kids free and that's where kids club comes super handy! If you plan to stay at that resort, make sure you visit a French restaurant! Kids are not allowed and it has a very strict dress code, make sure you check the requirements before you get a reservation, because we saw people been turn down just because the lady did wear the flip flops, but, maaaan, it is so worth it! The presentation of food, the food itself, everything about that restaurant is outstanding!!!

Magnus is a breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet- you always can find something to eat, even if you are a picky eater: my boyfriend always complains about the beacon at the breakfast...since, I am not a bacon eater, but even I can see it was overcooked and looked super crunchy...BUT, I love the idea of them serving a Mimosa cocktails for the breakfast, so who cares about overcooked bacon ;) Also, if you are coffee addict, as I am, try to get to breakfast before 9 am, after that, seems like they are just watering the coffee down or using the same coffee filter (who knows)...If you didn't make it on time for a coffee cup, check the place next to the lobby, they have coffee machines that make the best coffee ;)

 Put the Privacy sign out the door, if you don't want to be awaken by room cleaning cervices at 8:30am. By a third day, they finally figured out that we have a child and with all the activities, we are not awake by that time, so they tried to come by later...
The rooms: first year we staid at the standard room, which is ok, we just had to rotate between the beds because our little one didn't want to sleep by herself; next year we got family room with bunk beds and private TV for kiddo. This year we upgraded to the VIP room, ended up at the 12th floor with Jacuzzi at the room, ocean view, restaurant at 10th floor only for VIP guest, that doesn't allow the kids, which kind of sucks since we have a kid aboard...
The Seadust also provide SPA services...Ask for beneficial package and Mayra (she is amazing): cost only $150, but worth sooooo much more: it includes basic facial, full body massage, full body exfoliating and wrapping, it is almost 2.5 hours of non-stopped massage...Was the best anniversary present from my boyfriend!!!

Kids club: Gracey is your girl! Milana looooooooved her, she took care of kids even when the kids club time was over, took them to the shows that are at the hotel, face painting, did bracelets with them, movie nights and dance parties, no asking anything in exchange for her overtime...Every day, our little girl, was asking to go to the kids club, and that tells me how much fun she get there by playing with other kids and all the activities the kids club has prepared for them!

Hopefully, it will help with your choice of the hotel :)


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