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Is your baby too old for pictures?

You carried that baby for the past 9 months, been super busy preparing for its arrival that it totally slipped your mind to book a newborn photo session. Then, that bundle of joy is here, breastfeeding every two hour, luck of sleep...And BOOM, your baby is almost one month old!!! Sounds familiar, right? 

In a hurry, while your little one takes a short nap, you are searching for a newborn photographer, and when they realize that your baby is already a month old, they refuse to get you in "because your baby passed the stage of being a newborn", or they are simply fully booked and can't get you in?


DO NOT get upset that other photographer has told you your baby is too old! Is it easier to work with a baby under 14 days old? YES it is!  But is it impossible to capture one month old??!! NOT AT ALL! Yes, it will be slightly different poses for an older baby, but we can do SO MUCH ! 

I run a full time photography studio and usually can accept last minute bookings.  If you have had a baby in the last few days, give me a call and we can get you in ASAP!

By the way, that little beauty was one month old when we get those photos done...



Can the family be presented in some pictures?

YES! Mom, dad, and older siblings are welcomed and highly recommended!

newborn photosession studionewborn photosession studio

What should I bring with me?

BABY, baby's food and pacifier! If you are a breastfeeding mom, please, consider to pump some milk to bring with you: I can feed baby while posing it. I have a big variety of props in my studio, unless you would like to include something sentimental and meaningful during the session.

photo props for newborn sessionsphoto props for newborn sessions


What if my baby pees or poops on your props?

I will send you a bill for ruined props :)


I totally expect it and fully prepared for those type of accidents: all my props are washable and up to the task. Please don't worry about messes. It's all part of my job.


If you looking for a newborn photographer, I'd love to get you set up for a session!

To book your session: CLICK HERE




Victoria Vasilyeva(non-registered)
Yes, that is true of our life. Then, BOOM, and bundle of joy is 18 years old
Darya Morreale(non-registered)
Great article, thank you for sharing. Love those adorable babies
Wow love this session.
adorable session, they look so happy!
Olga Polo(non-registered)
Great article and I love your studio so much! So many props and outfits! I'm SOLD!
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