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Why You Should Do Maternity Photos

WHY you should do maternity photo session?!

Or a better question WHY a lot of expectant moms DO NOT take their maternity photos???!!!

Here is the reason why I didn't get any pictures done and REGRET it so much! Like most pregnant woman, I experienced crazy cravings to anything that contains sugar and ,surely, by the third trimester I "jumped" from being 140lb to 190lb. I felt tired, fat, lazy, sleepy, and low self esteem about my body. I felt so big, that refused even sell phone shots. Now, 6 years later, I have no images of me carrying my little nugget, and when my daughter asks me to see pictures "while I am in your belly" I have nothing to show her.


Pregnancy is a journey full of excitement, well, also nausea, nervousness and those moments "Hoooooney, can you tight my shoes because I can not reach it?". It’s all part of the experience, and it’s a time you’ll want to be captured to keep memories of your beautiful pregnancy curves and perfection of your baby bump forever .... 


Include your significant or your children in the photo with you and your growing bumpIt’s not just an exciting time in your life, but for everyone in it. 

I promise you will look back in a year or 10 and "feel" the baby's movements again...



I never did maternity photos with my first 2 children, and I wish I could go back in time!! Love these!
I love this :)
These photos are gorgeous. Maternity photos were so important to me while I was expecting. I still treasure them to this day!
This is so true!!! I didn't have any maternity pot done so now all I have is one of me in a Halloween costume with my big baby bump! Even if you feel awkward and huge-do it!! Because years from now you will want them!
Deysi Herrera(non-registered)
This is beautiful! Now I really need to do maternity pictures!
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