Tatiana Kahl Photography | Maternity Preparation Guide

Pregnancy is a very special time for any women,  although you may not feel like it ... During the pregnancy, the body goes thru a lot of changes, the skin has a special glow to it, hair is thicker and shinier. Ohhh, I miss that hair!!! For many expecting mothers, there’s no better way to remember their pregnancy than a professional maternity photo shoot.

The best time for your maternity session is around 28-34 weeks:your belly is full and round, but you are still comfortable to pose. For expecting mamas with twins (or more), come in earlier around 26 – 32 weeks as twins tend to arrive much earlier. I have had a maternity sessions close to delivery with beautiful results, I would rather have clients towards the earlier side, where mamas-to-be are feeling their best and are more comfortable posing. However, it is completely up to you at what stage you would like your maternity photos taken :)
Studio:     Session will take place at my in-home based studio in Indianapolis, IN, unless you want an outdoor session

Outdoor:   I do schedule sessions ONLY during the  golden hour of sunrise or sunset  to avoid harsh shadows at the local park of our agreement Reschedules can happen depending on weather. Don't forget your bug spray!
  I have a collection of amazing maternity gowns available at my studio for your photo session! Each gown is hand washed after every usage!
But if you prefer more natural look here is a simple list of some ideas:


  • Buttoned shirt and regular jeans (Not maternity one)
  • Long, flowy or form-fitting dress: tube dress or a summer maxi dress
  • Don't forget accessories, jewelries, scarfs, etc... 
  • White/Baby blue/Grey, any natural solid color shirt and classic pants or jeans (for significant other/husband)
    I highly recommend to use a professional services for makeup and hair, unless you are good at that yourself, I know I am not!  Not only will this make work easier, but you will feel beautiful and confident during your session. However, if it’s not in the budget, your "hot-date" makeup and hair is fine too.
  Most likely, your hands will be photographed on your belly, so, please keep it in mind while choosing the nail polish color....

I will fully guide you during the session with poses so you will look your best. Sorry, I will be in your "bubble" a lot! ;) The main focus of maternity session is  YOU, your personality, feelings and the bond you have with your awaited baby. My focus is capture your emotions and connection to your belly,  the beautiful curves of your body and your excitement...

Within few days after the session, I will provide you with the password to your online gallery.  We will talk about what products, prints, or albums you may want for your home, and I can help you with any ordering.  Your digital images will be sent within 2-3 weeks of your session with a print release.  Although, my current packages include the digital images, I strongly recommend you to order prints through your gallery and have them printed with a professional lab my PC is calibrated accordingly.  I DO NOT recommend Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Sams, Costco, or Shutterfly!  Your print release will cover you to have the images printed for personal purposes: social media shares, email to family and friends, but it does not allow you to reproduce them for sale of any kind.   
Thank you for choosing Tatiana Kahl Photography!