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5 Tips For a Successful Family Photo Sessions / Indianapolis

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Every mom's nightmare before or during their on a location family photography session that the toddler is not going to behave. And I totally understand the frustration, we all want those sweet smiles and not crying faces!

The good part, and every single of my clients will admit to that, I am not rushing through my sessions; if a child wants to throw rocks to the lake, I will work around that and still capture gorgeous moments of your family. I am not a fan of those traditional portraits where everyone is looking straight at the camera,

my goal is to capture connection between all the family members.

Every mom wants that perfect photo of entire family above the fireplace, so here are

5 Tips for a Successful Family Photo Sessions:


What fits your style?  Downtown and City Areas with its buildings and bridges, or local parks with walking trails and wild flowers, or may be an apple orchard farm?

how to choose a location for your family and kids photography session

baby and family on location photo shoots Indianapolis


  • Mom's first

I would suggest for mom to pick her outfit first and work around her choice. Plus, we are the most critical on ourselves with all that "after baby weight".

  • The right color choice

Go with coordinating colors, not matching! Start off with colors that coordinate well. You can accomplish a complete look without every family member wearing the exact same outfit.

  • Simplicity

Keep it simple, relaxed and comfortable; comfortable enough to chase kids:)

  • Avoid Patterns

Clothing with multiple patterns or large logos can become a distraction. Strong prints and abstract patterns can overpower your photo.

  • Accessorize

Accessories and layers really bring the picture to the next level without adding tons of crazy colors and prints. Plus, they look great for fall. Examples: hats, scarves, vests, belts, jewelry, etc..


Have fun and be you! Laugh. Giggle. Joke. Snuggle. Play. Doing these things will allow the photographer to capture the emotion and true beauty of your family.

family and kids photography experience Indianapolis

5 Tips For a Successful Family Photo Sessions Indianapolis

5 Tips For a Successful Family Photo Sessions Indianapolis


Keep in mind, kids wouldn't want to pose and smile, instead they would want have fun and run around.

Let them! Those are the best candid shots and when you look back through your album, you would want to see those silly faces full of personality.

5 Tips For a Successful Family Photo Sessions Marion County


When family is engaged in doing something that they enjoy, the photographer will have the opportunity to take some beautiful captures. Do you love to read together? Bring a book.

PS: I always have a set of bubbles in my bag to keep the little ones occupied.

5 Tips For a Successful Family Photo Sessions Indiana

5 Tips For a Successful Family Photo Sessions / Indianapolis

Hopefully, you find this article helpful and will be less stressed about your upcoming family photo session...

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Unknown member
Aug 22, 2019

Good job! Love every picture!


Unknown member
Aug 21, 2019

So many helpful tips! Great post!


Unknown member
Aug 21, 2019

Super tips! This article can help to prepare for beautiful family photo session!


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Aug 20, 2019

Great tips! Thank you for sharing!


Unknown member
Aug 20, 2019

Thank you so much for these tips! They will be really helpful for those who is going to book a photo session for the very first time.

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