Fresh 48 St. Francis Indianapolis Hospital Session

Do you remember my beautiful maternity model?

I have had an honor to meet her new baby and the entire family, who actually traveled all the way from Chicago to support a future mom...

Why not my usual studio session? Well, because mom planned on going to her parent's house for few months right after baby Ava arrived to get some help with a new baby, and heeey, I don't blame her...

When my daughter was born, I was completely alone: back then my husband signed a new contract job and had to be out of state 4 days a week...It was tough: newborn baby, first time mom, breastfeeding, sleepless nights, pizza 4 days a week (yep, 8 years ago there wasn't the Doordash option)

I don't have that many inquires for the Fresh 48, but I honestly fall in love with these type of sessions and definitely will add that option to my portfolio!

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