How to prepare and dress for spring/summer family photo session

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Spring/Summer/Fall are the best time to capture some sweet moments of your family!

From my experience, 99% of my clients struggle with how to dress for the family photos, so here are some tips to help you out!

First of all, my biggest suggestion is FIND YOUR STYLE! You want to show your family personalities not only through the way you all act in the photos, but through your outfits as well: do you love wearing hats?? Go for it! I adore casual looks for some loving family photos, where everyone is styled in a neutral palette, this way your eye will naturally be drawn to the faces, rather than the wardrobe. Plus, neutrals are so easy to coordinate with few color pops between subjects that translates into less stress about everyone matching, and more time having fun together!

Accessories: right accessories will help to finalize and bring together the perfect look.

Have Fun during your session: laugh, have fun with your kids, move around, BE YOU!

It really helps to produce fun and candid shots, which are my favorite!





I will be covering how to dress your family for the FALL family photo session as well, so stay tuned up! :)

Here is a list of MY favorite stores to shop for outfits:

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