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Indianapolis Family Photographer / Cake Smash / Moon and Stars

What to expect during the cake smash photo sessions when booking with

Tatiana Kahl Photography / Indianapolis, IN ?

You definitely can plan on a family portraits to be taken right before introducing the cake to your child, unless you don't want to have your family pictures taken. Also, plan on baby's portraits, I recommend to bring a simple white onesie, you can get those at Walmart, Target or Amazon , no worries if you don't have one or forgot to take with you, I usually have a set of brand new onesies at my Indianapolis downtown studio to offer to my clients.

We always try to capture babies with wooden letters ONE to emphasize the big date!

Next part is a CAKE SMASH! Keep in mind, every baby acts differently: some love dig right into the cake, while other kids "not ready" for adult food.

Every cake smash photo shoot is finished up with a bubble or milk bath to clean up messy hands and toes


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