Madeleine's First Birthday Cake Smash Studio Photo Session

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

It felt good to get back to work after taking a whole month off to spend with my family, and I was so happy that my "first" session had to be a CAKE SMASH!

When mom contacted me, we had no idea what theme its going to be, but have had a few special requests "All my kids have brown eyes and this is my only baby with light eyes. She had ice blue when she was a baby and they have changed. Now she has bluish-grey, green and amber. But I haven’t gotten anyone to take good pics of her eyes and it just makes me so sad :( if you can do that, I’d be the happiest person on earth. She also has a lot of red hair but again, looks different in different lighting, sometimes darker, sometimes lighter, I’d LOVE to get as much of her red to show on the pics"

At the end, we took baby Madeleine outside for few more shots to enhance the green of her eyes and it worked perfectly...Now mom has exactly what she looked for :)