Newborn Baby Girl Photo Session / Prather's Family / Indianapolis, IN

Newborn photography is one of the cutest specializations in photography. But, at the same time, one of the most challenging photography genres. Newborn Photographers are the ones who focus on capturing images of new babies in the most creative way; their ability to handle newborns delicately and with proper precautions is what sets them apart from other photographers.

Baby's safety should be the biggest priority. A professional newborn photographer never would leave an infant baby unattended.

There are so many amazing wedding photographers who can produce outstanding results, but, most likely, they would not know how to pose a newborn baby safely. Same is applicable to newborn photographers: they know how to produce gorgeous pictures of babies, but can not follow up with posing the bride and groom.

It takes years and years to perfect the photography craft and we all follow our path...