Welcome to my IN HOME studio Indianapolis Indiana

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

For those who does not know me yet, let me welcome you to my website, my life and my photography journey!

As I mentioned before, all my work is done at my in home based studio..

I am way more productive at my own environment, plus we have had 400 sq ft of available space that have not been in use...

After my husband recovered from the psychological trauma of loosing his "man's cave", we totally remodeled the entire basement: new painted and stained walls, new carpeting, the only thing we agreed to leave alone as a reminder of his bachelor lifestyle is a bar, which we still keep full with wine and beer for my clients if needed ;)

I am a mom, so my day starts at 7am with waking up my little one for the school, dealing with her being cranky while brushing and braiding her hair...Usually, by the time I am done with that, I am already exhausted and hate the entire world (Moms of the girls with long hair will totally get it)...

Some people, probably, will find it odd to have a studio at home, but realistically, do you need to have a bakery to be an amazing cake decorator???

Its all about passion, knowledge, and more passion!

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