What it's like being a MOM??!!

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Did you ever see a movie "Senseless"? If not, you should! I wonder, if they actually wrote it based mom character!

Why? All your five senses becomes super high active:

1. You can smell a poopy diaper from another room

2. You can hear your baby crying no matter what room of the house you at

3. You can diagnose a fever just by touching a child's forehead

4. You taste every food jar before feeding your kiddo thinking WHO IN A WORLD WOULD EAT IT

5. You start seeing through the walls: the minute it got quite, you intuitively scream "DO!!! NOT!!!"

  • Even more, every mom acquires an extraordinary abilities of surviving without sleep and food for days, learns to see and move in darkness of a room without making any noise...

  • Every mom learns that a "bun" actually holds way better on un-brushed for a week hair, and wiping your teeth with a wash cloth instead of brushing, does the same trick but waaaaay faster, and after getting a water bill, you learn that you saved A LOT of money by showering only once a week instead of twice a day...

  • Every mom learns that cat/dog food actually is not that harmful to your child but has a disgusting taste; oh well, package says it's rich on vitamins...

  • Every mom learns that "privacy" is a fiction...Eventhrough, your toddler is snuggling on a couch with daddy, your bundle of joy will knock on a door, while you are in a bathroom, asking to make a cup of hot chocolate, because "Daddy's chocolate milk doesn't taste the same"...

  • Every mom learns that yoga pants are more comfortable then a dress, and a bonus: it can be used as a pajama as well...

  • Every mom, at certain point of time, become a Crayon hater, and learns that only way to clean the wall of your growing Picasso is to hold an extra can of a paint in a garage; and while shopping: avoid the isle with permanent markers...

  • Every mom learns that cleaning a house is pointless, and food taste better out of plastic plates...

  • Every mom has a hidden bottle of wine and for some reasons closet becomes the favorite room in your house...

I can go on and on...But the point is, yes, being a mother is a hard full time job...

But, at the end, all your hard work is rewarded with warm kisses and hugs from your little fidget....

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