What to Wear to Your Fall Family Photo Shoot / Indianapolis, IN

What you wear is the MOST CRITICAL for your family photo session. Outfit selection affects the outcome of your photos.

Here are a few general rules of preparation to your fall family session and what to wear to your family photo shoot to create a cohesive look:

1. Choose a color palate of 3-5 colors. Coordinate and compliment each color without being "too matchy matchy".

Colors that photograph the best for the fall family photo session: cooper, orange, mustard yellow, blues, dark greens, brown and neutrals like cream, tan, black, brown, & white.

By selecting a color scheme that complement each other, you can achieve a beautiful look. For example, my "pop-color" is yellow/gold, I would "complement" it with navy blue and "finish it up" with brown (yellow sweater, navy blue jeans, brown boots).

2. Layers are always a great idea. Wearing elements that can be added and/or taken away, like scarves, hats, cardigans, sweaters, and jackets are a great idea to create a variety of family photos. Accessories and layers really bring the picture to the next level without adding tons of crazy colors and prints. Plus, they look great for fall.

3. Avoid any large graphics, distracting patterns and large logos or images that will take away focus on the subject.

4. Avoid bright neon colors. Big no-no to hot pinks, lime green or bright yellow or bright red, etc. They will give you very weird color shadows to your skin.