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Newborn Hospital Bag Checklist

Updated: Apr 28

Newborn Hospital Bag Checklist Indianapolis Photographer

Expecting baby in the first place is an overwhelming process, along with preparation, putting finishing touches to the nursery and etc...Then you remember about the hospital bag that need to be packed...Where do I start? Sure enough, when I googled "Hospital Bag Checklist" and came across 10 pages of MUST have, but do I really need everything? Is there anything am I missing?

After having my baby girl, I have created a list of things that I found being necessary, especially for the first time mamas.

Newborn Hospital Bag Checklist Indianapolis Photo Studio

Newborn Hospital Bag Checklist

Mama's Clothing and Accessories:

Pajamas- I am one of those mamas who planned on "looking great even during labor", so I bought a beautiful gown out of Saks Fifth Ave. When I got to the hospital and dilated 4cm with painful contractions, the nurses dressed me up in a hospital gown. At that point, I did not care what I look like, all I wanted is that magical epidural!

At the end, I was grateful because I did not have blood stains all over my fancy expensive gown :)

Nursing Tank / Sports Bra- If you plan on nursing, a nursing tank is a must have.  Simple unclasp and you ready to feed your munchkin. If you don’t plan on nursing, I recommend a tight sports bra to help with the drying out process.

But again, I was so tired and exhausted, that I spent all 48 hours at the hospital wearing jamies and no bra.

Shorts Underwear-  Hospital will provide you with mesh granny panties right after the delivery...Oh boy, I was laughing so hard at those...Honestly, my husband's boxers underwear was the most comfortable thing to wear: they are big enough to put the ice pack to help with the swelling during the post baby recovering period.

Leggings / Yoga Pants- I bought a pair of sport pants from Adidas when I was pregnant with my daughter and they have stayed in my regular clothes pile ever since. You definitely want some comfy pants especially ones to head home in. Believe me, you wouldn't want to wear anything else for the next six weeks....Or forever, in my case.

Blanket- I do not know why do they keep rooms so cold, but after getting an epidural, I was laying there freezing that I couldn't feel my fingers. Cold felt good during the labor itself, but while you waiting to be fully dilated...Not fun at all...Even now, 8 years later, my mom is still complaining how cold it was...

Nursing Pads and Nipple Cream- It will take a few days for the milk to come in, but when it does, you want to be ready! It helps with sore and cracked nipples you get when first start the nursing process.

Lip Balm- With the hospital dry air, make sure you have one with you. Especially during the active labor, your feel like your entire skin cracks open...Everywhere...

Face Cleansing Cloths-  Most likely you will be exhausted, and when that baby sleeps you would want to sleep too. I loved the convenience of those wipes: gentle on sensitive skin and get the job done.

Dry Shampoo- I have trained my hair being washed once a week, but after going through the labor (it felt like running 5K miles in 20 minutes) my hair were total mess...With no time for a good shower, dry shampoo comes super handy.

Stool softener- What I have learned, you never know how your delivery turns out. My baby "elephant" was born 9 lb. 8 oz and torn me apart pretty bad...Stitches everywhere...I remember, 12 hours after she was born, I needed a bathroom very bad and how scared I was that my stitches will rip off.

Newborn Hospital Bag Checklist Indianapolis Photographers

Baby Clothing and Accessories:

Seriously, hospital will have clothing, blankets, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles and etc while you are there. All you have to have is a pair of clothing, blanket (if its a winter) to take your bambino home, and child safe car seat.

Boppy Pillow- It comes very handy for the next 3-4 months especially if you are nursing. It also helpful when baby is older for a tummy time or even to lay your little peanut on a floor for a minute or two while you grab snack (yeppp, that's exactly how much time you will have for your meals from now on)


Phone/Phone Charger- Seriously, don’t forget these. You want your hubby get at least few shots of a new baby to make a big announcement.

Laptop- Since my entire family lives out of country, I could not wait to share the big news and show off our new munchkin. The Skype is super helpful to do a video call and show a new addition to your family.

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Newborn Hospital Bag Checklist

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